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Famous Nordic brands
As a company operating in the Nordic region we are of course very fond of taking our own regional intellectual properties and making them into great games. Over the last couple of years we’ve had a great partnership with different brand owners creating some great games such as Pippi Longstocking, Flåklypa Grand prix and Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter.
Our own brands
Besides working with famous intellectual properties, PAN Vision have also established own successful brands. The most well-known is the Backpacker series, a travel quiz game, which sold more than one million copies. Besides being big in the Nordic market, the latest game in the series; Backpacker 3, also been sold in Germany, France, Russia, Benelux and Portugal. PAN Vision have a series of horse games, for the younger audience Horse & Pony and for the older kids the Springdale series.
Digital Distribution
Some of PAN Vision’s PC games such as the Springdale series is available through digital distribution at various retailers. PAN Vision have also released several games for smartphones and tablets, and other digital platforms such as Miffy’s World for Wiiware and Max & the Magic Marker: Gold Edition for PSN. Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas been the best selling game on iPad in UK and number two on iPad in US. Pigs in Trees been on top of the list in UK and also received the award Danish Game of the Year at the Danish Game Award 2012.

About PAN Vision

PAN Vision is one of the major home entertainment companies in the Nordic region, distributor of games as well as accessories and gaming related peripherals. PAN Vision has offices in all of the Nordic countries and has local agents in Baltics.
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